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Our Form Wizard/Generator will get your online HTML form up and running in minutes. Our aim is to make this the easiest and clearest online HTML form wizard on the web using plain English and taking out a lot of the computer acronyms. Creating a HTML form without a wizard is daunting for beginners and even web developers can mess things up.

How the wizard works

This online wizard will guide you through a series of questions to create your form for free within minutes. Each question is without the technical jargon and extra help is given with the help icon. There is instant feedback with the script being displayed on the right hand side.

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Technical limitations for the wizard

The online HTML Form wizard/generator cannot create every concievable type of form, for example there are these limitations with the generator:

  • You cannot create Submit buttons with an image, or Image Buttons
  • You cannot create file upload buttons
  • You cannot create forms with more than 30 elements
It is not our intention to be able create every type of HTML form online, but in 90-95% of cases the HTML form wizard will meet your needs with a quick easy to understand interface which is free. This is ideal for HTML forms for quotes or estimating products or services.

Terms of use

This website is to be used on an "as is" basis. There is no warrantly that the forms generated using the HTML form wizard will work perfectly, though we will try our hardest to ensure this will happen. It is a condition that by using the HTML form wizard, ROBO Design Solutions (the developer of this website) shall not be liable for any damages incurred from using this website or from any script created through this. For more details see our website on the Terms & Conditions

Sending Sensitive Data

Sending sensitive data through a form like credit card numbers can be created from a HTML form script generated from the online HTML form wizard, though a lot of care needs to be taken. Firstly the form script cannot be sent by email, the form script needs to be on a secure server, the destination script must also be on a secure server and the data needs to be stored in an encrypted way on the server. If you are not a professional web developer we strongly advise NOT TO USE these scripts without professional help.

Latest Change(s)

11 February 2015 - The following bug fixes/enhancements have been added:

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Why the HTML form wizard is free

There is no cost to use the HTML form wizard online, even for multiple times, though if you decide to go ahead with the extra features and support there is a small cost for this. You can pass this website onto other friends and colleagues at no cost. For those creating a free HTML form, there is at the bottom of the form there is a small link which links back to this website. This text is in a grey color and quite inconspicuous.

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